Wrapping up Vietnam

March 21, 2010

It has been a busy few days for the I-LEAD Class as they have had a chance to view the emerging economy of Vietnam.

On Friday, they took a ride up the MeKong Delta to visit the Interflour Port.  Interflour Vietnam began production with an initial milling capacity of 500MT of wheat per day.  It’s facilities include wheat silos, finished product warehouse and a dedicated deep draft port, with wheat unloading facilities capabilities of discharging about 10,000MT per day.  A significant expansion of the terminal, is currently underway, and will make Interflour’s operation the most advanced grain and grain products terminal in the country.  The expansion consists of lengthening and strengthening the currently jetty to enable it to take up to two Panamax-size vessels at any one time.  Additional storage is also being constructed to include facilities for soybean meal, wheat and corn.

Saturday was spent on the countryside visiting with Vietnamese corn and hog farmers.  The Class enjoyed being able to take time to meet with them and see production practices.  An average corn farmer owns about 1-2 acres of land and all the fieldwork is still done by hand.  The Class was also able to view a 200 sow farrow to finish hog operation and talk with the farmer.  On Saturday, the class was also able to visit a local wet market. 

Today the class had the opportunity to visit the Cu Chi tunnels.  They were constructed during the Vietnam war by the Viet Cong and were used to attack the Americans.

Right now the class is preparing to leave to head back to the U.S.  They will leave for the airport at 3 a.m. Monday morning in Vietnam (3 p.m. on Sunday afternoon in Iowa).  It has been a great trip!


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